Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Introducing the Shiatsu massager of my dreams

Introducing my new found love the cordless shiatsu massager from Sunlit Life. I'm forever moaning about my knots in my back and the desperation to have someone .... anyone to massage me. I can be massaged one day and boom the next they are back giving me grief. 

I've had this massager and a few other types in my wish list for a couple of months  but finally got my hands on one. 

I like that's this massager is very versatile, because whilst my main issues are in my neck and upper back this machine can actually be used in lots of different ways.

The massager has two arm straps to keep it in place and keep you hands free whilst you use it in neck/upper back position. I've used it in the leg position to massage my calf's after work. It has a handy heat mode which is a nice gentle warmth. It does take a little time for the warmth to build. Each cycle is around 15 minutes so once the machine reaches that time it switches off, but is easily switched back on with the buttons on the belt. I find the heat comes through by the second cycle. Its cordless so it can be used plugged into the mains or you can take it off to bed with you or wherever you want to go. It works just as well in cordless mode and seems to stay charged a reasonable amount of time.

This shiatsu massager has a strong deep kneading action and is excellent for aches, pains and relaxing. It's works wonders on tense muscles. It does have a humming sound but I have gotten used to it and no longer notice it. The main benefit for me is that I haven't had any of my usual tension headaches because I have been able work out the tension in my muscles before it gets to the point of triggering a headache. 

Have you used a Shiatsu massager or something similar? 

* I would like to point out that I recieved this product at a discounted price. All opinions and comments are my own and unbiased.