Saturday, 19 December 2015


10 Awesome Fun family things to do on Christmas eve!!


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Christmas eve and the excitement is building and the kids are buzzing with energy. Here's a few of the things we like to do on Christmas eve to keep the kids entertained and generally make the most of having some family time together.
1. Every Christmas eve my children get to open one present from under the tree from mum and dad. Brand new pyjamas. It something we've always done and we all really look forward to this part of the night.
2. Go join in with a family chistingle  mass or nativity show some where local. This is something we only started doing a couple of years ago. It turned out to be really good fun and they tend to hold an earlier mass for families with small children and then a later one for the grown ups so you don't need to worry about the kids being fidget bums.
3. Make some reindeer food. This year we were actually given some when visiting Santa and sometimes the kids make it at school. You can use any ingredients like oats, glitter, raisins, choc chips, cereal. The kids will go outside and sprinkle it around the garden or the drive so the reindeer have something tasty to eat. You could even keep it in a little bowl.
4. Christmas eve Christmas movie marathon!! Our favourites are the Grinch elf. Pick a few of your families favourite Christmas movies and just relax and watch them in your new jammies!
4. The Christmas eve box has really taken off in recent years. You can make one so easily and you really don't need t spend a lot of money doing it. An old shoe box or medium sized box wrapped up in Christmas paper and then fill it with some goodies. We put in Christmas colouring in books, colours, a dvd, some snacks, maybe a Christmas craft activity.
5. Take the kiddos for a drive or a walk to look out for all the houses decorated with lights. Some people put in an insane amount of effort and the kids just love it.  The walk might even tire them out a bit :P

6. Watch Santa fly past! Santa will be visible (weather depending) in the sky heading west to east between 4.40pm and 4.50pm. Keep an eye out!

7. Make some home made decorations. Find lot's of inspiration on pinterest.

8. Hang up your Christmas stocking this part is sooo exciting.

9. Leave out some yummy snacks for Santa and the reindeer, maybe a little tipple to warm Santa up on his ling journey?

10. Cosy up into bed and read a Christmas story.



  1. I love Christmas eve...The excitement is just too much! hehehe I can't wait! Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2015 x

    1. Thanks Kim I love the run up to Christmas so much! Hope you and your family have a fab Christmas also!!! x