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Save The Children Club

Save The Children's Member Pack
We we're sent out a Save The Children's Club members pack this last week and it's been brilliant. Before this I wasn't aware that Save The Children had a Club for kids an I have been pleasantly surprised.  I'm always aware that some Charities can be a little bit gimmicky and pushy when raising their funds but I have to say I really love this Club from Save The Children and it really is worth every penny.

How it works

All you need to do is sign up to be a Club Member via the website. When kids become Save the Children Club members, they receive an amazing welcome pack through the post - with a massive world map, an official Club badge and fun stickers. After that, they'll get sent three packs a year, so they can learn about another country through the eyes of a child their own age. You can get all this with a monthly donation of £7.50 and the money raised will be used to transform children's lives, from Bangladesh to Brazil, India to Indonesia. I was concerned that the packs wouldn't be as good as they look but they are actually extremely good value for money and very well made. They come with really interesting facts that my kids were amazed with, activities and even recipes!
The pack we received was about a 9 year old boy called Gerald from the Philippines and his day to day life with his family. We learned a lot about his life and how huge a difference there was between his lifestyle and my children's. My kids were amazed that he would get up at 4am, feed the chickens, make breakfast and go to collect water from the village all before he even goes to school.
The packs contain loads of fun activities and here's Eleesha after making her Filipino style wooden house on stilts . We also learned that house in the Philippines will typically be on stilts to protect then from flooding and vermin.
We've even learnt a little bit of Waray one of the 175 languages spoken in the Philippines. " Maupay" means hello in English.  I really wasn't expecting this much from the pack at all. Eleesha has loved this so much she is now taking it to school to show her friends for show and tell. The pack also contains and giant wall map and stickers so you can mark up on your map where you have explored though the packs and also kids will be rewarded with stickers when they complete an activity or section in the pack.
Along side the pack you an login to the websites Club Members area and watch videos, even more activities, games and quizzes. Every month, a new activity will be added - so there will always be something new to discover!
What I really loved about the pack is my kids were really interested and wanted to do all learn all about Gerald. They loved the activities, they felt very lucky when thinking about their own lives and if you can raise a bit of money for charity whilst doing those this it's a massive bonus and every ones a winner!
You can sign up to be a Club Member HERE
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* We we're given a Club Members pack for the purpose of this post. We thoroughly enjoyed the pack and genuinely recommend it. Our thoughts are 100%


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  1. Wow! I came from Philippines too and I know how different our lifestyle there compared to here, that's something I want to tell to my kids so they will appreciate life here better. You have reviewed the pack really well and I'm glad your daughter have enjoyed it too. I think I'm now interested to be a member as well, so we can help save children all over the world even in our own little ways. Thanks for sharing! #KCACOLS

  2. There certainly is a huge difference in lifestyle and our children are very fortunate to have such a lifestyle and it's great for them to learn about other cultures and places. My kids loved the pack and it's nice to know that the money they raise go's towards the children less fortunate than out own :-)

  3. Wow this sounds super interesting. I didn't know that they do these packs. I think it is really important that our kids learn as much as they can about other cultures. The way that they are doing this sounds fantastic plus it is for a great cause. Thank you so much Hannah for linking up with me at #KCACOLS. I would love if you join me again tomorrow. :-) x