Wednesday, 30 September 2015


We're Loving Barbie Rock N Royals Doll and DVD Review

Barbie Rock N Royals Courtney doll and Rock N Royals DVD

My girls recently received their very own Barbie Rock N Royals Courtney doll and a copy of the Barbie Rock N Royals DVD. They'd seen the TV adverts and were really excited when I told them it was on its way to them, especially Katelyn who's 7 and still very much into her dolls. I had a feeling Katelyn would particularly enjoy the Rock N Royals because she is a huge music fan and also attends a drama club and takes part in their productions so this would be right up her street.  

Rock N Royals DVD

Immediately after receiving their package the DVD was on the go, I really thought the doll would have been opened first but no it was the DVD they went for first. My girls are genuinely fans of the Barbie films any way and have watched most of them but I have to say Rock N Royals felt a bit different. The kids were absolutely hooked and didn't take their eyes off the screen once including Jayden my 5 year old son. They loved the characters Princess Courtney and rock star Erika and how different they were but yet very similar. Their favourite part was at the end when they all become friends in true Barbie style. The girls have and still are singing along to the songs and I personally thought that this was a nice modern twist on Barbie and princess in general and would like to see more of the stories go this way in future. You child will love this film if they like music, signing, dancing, Barbie, princess and pop stars!
Courtney in Rock star mode.

Courtney in princess mode with Katelyn.

Rock N Royals Courtney Doll  

The Rock N Royals doll has been hugely popular in our house. The girls love that she has two different looks and how easy it is to switch between the two. All you need to do is simply move her arm and the twist mechanism very quickly and easily turns the long gown around Barbie is in her rock star outfit and vice versa. She has a small button her necklace to press to hear the two songs from the film which also plays when moving her arm. You can't physically take off Courtney's clothes to change her outfit but on the plus side the they can't be lost. The girls have spent hours playing with the doll re-creating scenes from the film and signing along to the music and has proved very popular in our house.
Both the DVD and Barbie doll have been hugely popular in our house. Have you tried out the Rock N Royals DVD or dolls? Are your kids Barbie fans?
You can buy the Rock N Royals dolls and DVD here

* We were given a free Courtney doll and DVD our opinions remain 100 % honest.