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Top 5 FREE kids educational Android APPS for school aged children

 Top 5 Free Kids Educational Android Apps For School Age Children

Nowadays kids are attracted to computer games and electronics so why not embrace this and use it to your advantage. It can be hard to get the kids to spend time practising their spellings, maths skills etc but what if it felt like a game? I have found some fantastic free apps online that do exactly that. My kids have been loving them and enjoy using so much they don't realise they are learning. All the apps have been completely free and usable on tablets and phones so they can use them when ever you have a spare five minutes.

Speak and Spell - photo taken form play store

1. Speak and Spell. Speak and Spell is a children's educational toy from the 1980s and this app is simply for nostalgic sentiment. This is app is fun and super easy to use. The app will call out a word and you simply have to spell it. It has various levels depending on ability.
Alphabet Writing App - photo taken from playstore
2. Alphabet Writing. Learn to write and recognize alphabets in a wonderfully child-friendly way. App teaches how to write (trace) alphabets and makes it fun by showing and spelling out. You can pick your own colors, turn off sounds and trace teaching
Cool Math Games - Photo taken from playstore
3. Cool Math Games.
Play a collection of free games for boys and girls, including:
* Math games, Word games, Physics games, Matching games, Memory games, Logic games, Puzzle games, Skill games and more cool games! This is by far my kids favourite app to play and I know they also use this app at my children's school.
ABC Phonics - Image taken from playstore

4. ABC Phonics. ABC Phonics teaches letter sounds.
Learning the ABC is fun and easy with this teaching tool. Alphabet flash cards help children develop memory and listening skills. Super easy way to practice letter sounds on the go.
Multiplication Table Kids Math App - photo taken from playstore

5.Multiplication Table Kids Math. Help your kids learn multiplication tables from 1 - 12 with this easy and fun app. Practice multiplication and guess all math puzzles! Solve multiply test and pass school exam. This is a great and slightly more challenging app for KS2 learners.

What's your best free app for kids?


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