Monday, 21 September 2015


5 Blogging Maintenance Tips To Make Your Blog Look Great!

As a fairly newbie blogger I have had a lot to learn and quite frankly all though I love my humble blog space it's more work than I could have imagined. Posts don't just put them selves together in 10 minutes and getting them out to the world to read is extremely time consuming. But one of the most important things I have picked up is to maintain your blog space often in small chunks, a bit like house work otherwise it piles up!   
What could you possibly need to maintain on your blog? Actually quite a lot . And these small things will keep your blog looking up to date, professional and well clean. Here's the list I'm working on to keep up with my blog maintenance.
1. Revisit your old posts. This is something I'm getting round to doing slowly but surely. Revisiting old posts particularly posts from you newbie days can always do with an update. Your writing style may have changed, your opinions or experience may have changed or you might just have something extra you want to add to an old post.
2. Picture updates. Another thing I'm getting round to is updating old post pictures. A lot of my first post pictures where taken from my not so great smart phone camera and aren't the best quality. Other reasons might be that you've just gotten better at your photography, become more artsy or developed a certain photography style.  Updating old post pictures can totally revamp old posts.
3. Remove broken links. Go back on old posts and check out the links to see if they still work. Sometimes especially if the links are to outside sources they may not work after some time. This may be due to the site changing, not being active any more or other reasons. Removing these old links will make you blog more current and professional. There's nothing more annoying then the 404 page message.
4. Link your posts. If you have a post which ties in nicely with anther of your posts then link them up. Not only does it make it easier for you readers to navigate your content but it will keep your readers on you blog for longer it can also improve your bounce rate. 
5.   Look clean and uncluttered. When you look at a website you want to look clean and clear and easy to read and its the same with your blog. People don't want to see too much miss matched logos, links, adverts pictures, giffs and what not. If there's too much it can be confusing and it's just too much effort! Help your readers out by making you blog space clean and organised looking and effortless to browse.
What's your blog maintenance tips?


  1. Some great simple tips here that everyone can do without much effort. :)

  2. I try and get round an old post everytime I publish a new one it helps me keep on top of things

    1. That's really great advice Alice thanks :-) x

  3. OH I am in the middle of a massive blog housekeeping project - it is taking forever! (Therefore why I am reading round other blogs - putting it off!) Great tips x

    1. Thanks and good luck with your project. I'm a putter offer too :P x

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