Sunday, 16 August 2015


Summer Holiday Catch Up

It's been forever since I made a post just catching up with what we have been up to and a few cheeky photos to with it.

So far we have survived 3/4 of the summer holidays with no major injuries, biggish fights or fallouts .... like I said so far! We haven't been away this summer and so we have been taking advantage to the beaches and parks we're really luck to live really close too. We've managed to fit quite a bit too. We have done a lot of the things we had planned on our summer holiday bucket list . We have visited a castle, made giant sand castles, been to the beach lots, had the boat ride the kids insisted on and had lots of picnics. Kids never get bored of picnics it's saved me a small fortune!


Jayden's not a huge fan of swimming in the sea but he loves to just hover around the edge and dig holes and run away from the waves. He played with this boat for ages! The simple things :)

A little walk away from where we live there is a beachside bathing pool which has a toddler sized pool which has been amazing for us this summer now Alivia is big enough to play in the pool with her big brother and sisters.


Alivia playing at the beachside bathing pool.
Day out with dad and the long awaited boat ride the kids have been desperate for!
We visited Mont Orgueil Castle  which we have a family membership for because the kids love it here.
They have a room near the entrance full of fancy dress so the kids can dress up as kings, queens, knights, princess or what ever they like an they just return them on the way out. It was a family fun day on this visit so they had some medieval style children's games out like making mini catapults.
Here's my little monkeys with their fancy dress and mini catapults they made.
We still have a few weeks of summer to get through so we need to get a few more activities from out bucket list in before they go back to school.
What have you guys been up to so far this summer?

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  1. These are so lovely photographs from your holiday party. Wonderful party and every detail are marvellous! Thanks for this great share. I have also been seeking some inspirations for a funky Christmas holiday party. Do you have any ideas?