Saturday, 29 August 2015


Shouty Kid 3- How Harry Riddles Got  Nearly Almost Famous

By Simon Mayle
 We were recently given a copy of The Shouty Kid 3 - How Harry Riddles got nearly almost famous to read and review. Following on from the first book How Harry Riddles mad a mega amazing zombie movie and the second book How Harry Riddles mega massively broke the school which we really loved and found hilarious to read. The author of the popular children's book series is Simon Mayle.

The author of the Shouty Kid series is Simon Mayle.  Simon currently lives in Cornwall but is originally from the USA. He is an award-winning screenwriter for film and TV such as There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble – winner of a Brown Bear at Berlin Film Festival, Golden Griffin at Giffoni and best feature at Vienna and Kyoto festivals. Shoutykid is his debut children’s novel.


Again this third edition of the Shouty Kid series is written in a diary/log style with snippets of texts messages and letters and conversations there are also lots of funny illustrations. Eleesha really enjoyed this instalment where Harry Riddles and his friends start their own band. Eleesha really liked the character of Jessica because she is so nice and totally honest but Eleesha doesn't like how rude and disgusting Kevin can be and neither does Harry and that's why they start off not being friends! Harry writes some hilarious letters to famous people asking random questions such Bear Grylls and even an email to Bob Geldof to ask him to be a judge for their surfing competition. We are a big fan of the silly letters, emails and text messages Harry sends and receives.

Best Bit

Next he call in McKenzie. But McKenzie is a human stork and WAY to big for the drum kit. Plus he's really lazy, so he doesn't bother adjusting anything. So when he gets to his first big solo, his long arms knock over the high hat, then the bass drum topples over, and basically the whole drum kit then kind of collapses. The kid even manages to fall off the stool, which is pretty hard thing to do - unless you're McKenzie!
All in all we thought the book was a great addition to the series although Eleesha still finds the first book her ultimate favourite. The book is funny, well written for the age range and easy readable and a definite page turner.
Shouty Kid 3 - How Harry Riddles Got Nearly Almost Famous is now out and available to buy here.
We have been given the chance to giveaway a copy of the book to you lovely people so if you fancy a chance of winning click on the Gleam link now!
* We were given a copy for the purpose of this review. Our opinions remain 100% honest.

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