Saturday, 22 August 2015


Make Your Own Puzzles For Free!!

My kids love all sorts of puzzles, big floor puzzles, little wooden puzzles and now homemade puzzles. Making your own puzzles is literally the quickest and cheapest craft ever and pretty entertaining too.

How to

Start off drawing a picture on which ever size card or paper you wish. You can draw it yourself as I did here or you can get the kids to do their own. Just try to use up as much of the paper as possible. Excuse my dodgy art work and yes its a pig!
Next once your picture is how you want it you need to start cutting it up. You can cut it into a larger pieces for very young children and much smaller pieces for slightly older children. I have gone for a mid range 15 piece puzzle which I done buy cutting the picture into five strips vertically and then cut each strip into three horizontally. If your feeling adventurous you could experiment with actual jigsaw shape cut outs or different shapes altogether.
Have some fun putting back together! You could number order them on the back to help younger children if they get stuck.
My idea for storing the puzzle away until next time and so they pieces was these small sized zip lock bags you can get from the supermarket. They come in all different sizes. If you don't have any maybe an envelope could work well too. I've just sticky labelled with what the puzzle is of and how many pieces that it should have.

5 Top Tips

1.If you have or now some one with a laminator then it's well worth doing to make the puzzles spill proof and they will last longer!
2.Number order the back of the puzzles pieces to help little ones if they get stuck!
3.Make puzzles with number and letters etc to make them educational!
4.Print out your children's favourite characters using free pdf. downloads, colour them in and turn them into puzzles.
5. Enlarge and print out family photos onto paper and turn them into puzzles!
A great all round activity for adults and children and the best part it doesn't cost a penny! Thanks for reading x

A Cornish Mum

what katy said


  1. It would be nice to laminate it before cutting, I laminate everything! Haha love this idea though super cute and a fun thing to do with those millions of pictures kids tend to draw!

  2. This is a great idea, and handy to store the puzzle in a small bag as you suggest. I will give this a go with my girls. #KidsCorner

  3. What a great idea! I like the fact that it is so simple to do and that the shapes doesn't have to be so awkward shapes. Thanks for sharing. #KidsCorner

  4. This is cute! Mine love puzzles so will give it a try! x