Monday, 24 August 2015



Back to School essentials are on show and on sale every where now with most schools either going back in the next couple of weeks or even some already started back! Uniform and shoe shopping is one thing but stationary is quite another. I don't know about you but when I was a primary school student our stationary was provided at school but nowadays were expected to provided our children with their very own stationary. As a mum of 2 left handers this is not always an easy mission! Why is left handed stationary either so difficult to find or ridiculously expensive??
Yeah I could probably give them right handed pens and pencils but since my kids starting using left handed pens and pencils her hand writing has improved immensely and she finds it more comfortable to write. My lefty's find it near enough impossible to use right handed scissors too! 
I been on a little mission to find good quality lefty stationary without the shocking prices and here's what I have found!

EASYoriginal Start Left Handed Blue £3.75 from Wilko.
The non-slip grip-zone and smooth rollerball nib makes handling comfortable meaning neat and tidy handwriting that doesn’t blot or scratch. Recommended by teachers, parents, occupational therapists and the National Handwriting Association


Although these aren't exactly school at age 3+ and at such a fab price they perfect for nursery and reception class starts or for just at home.
 Specially designed for left handed children, these scissors feature a soft grip handle making it easy for little hands to easily control and a rounded tip and blade cover for extra safety.

The left handed ruler. I always find having a left handed ruler a bit odd but obviously a right handed ruler is back to front for a left hander.
 This ruler is from Amazon and comes in at £1.16

This is another thing my daughter has always struggled with sharpeners!! For some she really struggles with a normal right handed sharpener. This is another great find at Amazon at £1.93.
We swear by these Stabilo left handed pencils as they are super comfy to use and the pencils are very good quality. They are currently on special offer at John Lewis for £2.40 for the set.
The same excellent quality as the Stabilo pencils these colours come in at £7.00 from John Lewis.
Thanks for reading through our last minute shopping list for left handers. Do your left handers use stationary for left hander or do they get on with regular stationary?
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