Saturday, 22 August 2015


Keep me going cereal review


We were recently given the opportunity to try out some new cereal from the lovely people at Keep Me Going. We were instantly keen to try the cereal out as we've all been told numerous times breakfast is the most important meal of the day! The second reason is my son really struggles with certain types of breakfast cereals because he can't stand sweet or high sugar type foods for breakfast and a lot of cereals contain crazy amounts of sugars. He tends to stick to plainer flavoured cereal like porridge, bran flakes and Weetabix just adding fruit of honey if he fancies it. My daughter on the other hand loves sweet breakfast foods but unfortunately some of them send her completely nutty and she does struggle to concentrate particularly at school if she has them. So when we seen that Keep Me Going is low in sugar and salt we were intrigued.

A few interesting facts about the cereal! 

Sugar - Many cereals contain a high levels of sugar often over 30%. Keep me going uses sugar (plain sugar not fructose) and coats only the outside of the cereal pillows rather than fill them full of sugar.
Salt - Keep me going cereals use a patented low sodium sea salt enriched with magnesium. This enables them to deliver the same great taste as ordinary salt but with 60% less sodium.
Fat - Barley and oats are naturally low in fat and no extra fat is added to the cereal.
Fibre- Because they only use wholegrain barley and oats they are high in fibre. Barley and oats are an excellent source of beta glucans too.

How did we get on? 

We liked the small pillow shaped cereal they were perfect for small mouths and big ones like mine! The cereal is very light even when soaked up with milk which is great because I really don't like that heavy soggy feeling you get with come breakfast cereals. I personally enjoyed the flavour of the cereal and wouldn't need to add anything extra as did my husband. The kids were a complete 50/50 split on the flavour of the cereal which is no surprise because they rarely agree on anything. The too younger one's including my anti sugar son loved the cereal and got on with it instantly. My older two liked the cereal but preferred to add honey and fruit to make them taste a bit sweeter and make them a bit more interesting depending what mood they were in. They also enjoyed them with yoghurt.
Katelyn how ever likes to snack on the cereal dry!! I think a couple of handfuls in the lunch box along with some raisins or other dried fruit would make a fab snack for school lunch boxes.
All in all we were more than happy with cereal and the taste it's something we would be happy to have again and again. We had no nutty behaviour afterwards which is always nice. We also thought the cereal kept us quite full until lunchtime. I think when most people think of healthy cereal they think it will taste like soggy cardboard but that certainly isn't the case with Keep Me Going cereal.
You can buy Keep Me Going from Ocado and is actually very well priced at £2.65 for 375g. You can also find out lot's more about Keep Me going on their website here.
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