Monday, 10 August 2015


Eyes looking tired?  I've been trying Super Youth Eye Gel

Dark circles are the blight of my life right now, I have my mother to thank for the pleasure of course passing them onto me along with the rest of the woman on her side of the family. I do tend to suffer with puffiness under my eyes as well when I'm tired. I have tried all manor of products to help out with these issues although I am quite lucky in that concealer does cover my dark circles for now. For I have been using a new product I was given to try called Super Youth Eye Gel from OZ Naturals.
It boasts to give you dramatically radiant & youthful eyes. Eliminate dark circles and puffiness. Sooth and soften the eye area in general. Containing key ingredients such as:
Plant stem cells
Matrixyl 3000
Peptide complex
Hyaluronic acid
Vitamin E
I have to I say don't usually feel that these types of products tend to work at all and can be a bit gimmicky but I was compelled to try it out of curiosity. I really liked the handy pump action bottle and that you really don't need to use much of the gel at all so it will last you longer than you would imagine. I also like that the scent was very minimal and had just a faint hint of cucumber. I can't stand strongly scented face products since...well it's going to be stick on your face all day!
You can use the gel up to twice a day and what's fab about it is you can use it under your make up in the morning so no need to take any extra steps, just stick it on, make up, and go. The gel feels very light and dries in super quick and definitely is not sticky at all. It did leave my skin feeling amazing soft and I absolutely did notice an improvement in the way my eye area looked and felt. The puffiness is reduced after a few applications and I did have a more radiant look. As for the dark circles I have noticed a small improvement but I would imagine that this part is more of a process and will take a little while longer to see bigger improvements, and of course this will also depend on how dark your circles are. You can also use the gel on the forehead and cheekbones and so you could incorporate a gentle circular massage and turn it into a mini facial, that's what I have been doing any way.
I think all in all it's a nice way to perk up tired eyes and is brilliant for that reason. It's also brilliant in price range and is a snip of the price of some other similar leading products.

* I received this product for free in exchange for a honest review. My opinions remain 100% honest regardless.