Monday, 10 August 2015


Alfie Outdoors Picture Book Review

By Shirley Hughes
Alfie outdoors is the newest instalment from the classic book collection by Shirley Hughes. If you've followed the collection you may remember Dogger which I can remember reading as a child. This was fondly followed by titles such as Alfie gets in first, Alfie and Grandma, Alfie's Christmas and many more!

Shirley Hughes

Shirley is an English author and illustrator born in 1927. In her career she has written more than 50 books and illustrated more than 200. Her first published book was Lucy & Toms Day. You can read more about Shirley Hughes and her publications here.

Alfie Outdoors

The Blurb
Gardens are for playing in, for getting muddy and making dens!
Alfie learns that gardens are for growing things, but seeds
can take a long time - especially when you're waiting
to share with a special friend.
There are more surprises in store for Alfie in this new adventure
about getting out and about from Shirley Hughes, creator of Dogger. 
In this adventure Alfie learns that gardens are for more than just playing and that vegetables don't just come from the supermarket. Dad teaches Alfie that you can grow your own vegetables. Dad and Alfie make their own vegetable patch. Alfie found lots of creepy crawlies in process, went to the garden centre to buy plants and seeds, got super messy and learnt to water the patch. Alfie planted some carrots which once grown he planned to take them down to the goat sanctuary to share with the goats and his favourite goat Gertrude. 
Every day Alfie goes down to the vegetable patch to check on the carrots but they were taking a really long time to grow.
At last Dad said he thought the carrots were ready to pick!
We have thoroughly enjoyed reading this charming addition to the Alfie collection. It's a fantastic book and I love how it highlights the fun children can have out side in the garden. Alfie really reminds me of my son Jayden-James who loves to be outside getting messy and watering the plants. I think this is a must read for any young reader. The illustrations tell the story fabulously and are beautifully bright and colourful.
Alfie Outdoors is available to buy from Amazon 

* I received a copy of this book in order to give this review. My opinions remain 100% honest.