Monday, 27 July 2015


Truckers - The First Book Of The Nomes - By Terry Pratchett... Review and Giveaway


Sir Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett was born in 1948 in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and sadly passed earlier this year March in March 2015 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. He had a long and a extremely popular career including a writing career or children's and adults books. You can find more about Sir Terry and his books here on his fan page.

The Blurb

Imagine that all around you, hidden from sight,
there are thousands of tiny people.
they are our inches tall, brave, stubborn,
and resourceful.
They are the nomes,
The nomes in in this story live under the
floorboards of a large Department Store
and have never been outside.
In fact, they don't even believe in outside.
But new nomes arrive, from - Where else?
and they bring with them terrifying news:
the store is closing down and
Everything must go......

Our Thoughts

The book is based tiny people called nomes living the floorboards of a big department store who suddenly become in danger when the shop is closing down. Eleesha really enjoyed the characters in the book but it took her a good few chapters to get into the book and get stuck in. I think this is because its not her usual style of book she reads. Eleesha found the storyline endearing and couldn't' wait to find out if the 4 inch nome people found some where safe to live. I think personally that some children may struggle with this book for solo reading but may be better suited to paired reading with mum/ dad or another adult to properly understand it. However it's a good fun read for any little bookworm.


We have been given the chance to giveaway a copy of the book to you. There's one book to giveaway and the competition is open to GB residents only. You can enter via gleam by clicking on the link below.
*I was given a copy of the book for the purpose of the review. Our opinions remain 100% honest regardless.