Monday, 6 July 2015


The Benefits of going to playgroup!

Alivia at play group!
I have to say all my kids have gone to a playgroup when they were babies/toddlers if not for them for my own sanity. Being a mum and especially as stay at home mum with a baby or toddler life can some times be a bit... well monotonous and the conversation is not exactly stimulating! I'm a very shy person I always have been but after having my first LO my confidence took a massive dip. I was twenty and all of a sudden none of my friends were... well wanting to hang out with me at the park. I very shyly took my self off to playgroup and thankfully the first ever playgroup I went to was a young mums only playgroup and I felt comfortable there. With my others I've seriously had to trial and error a few playgroups. You have the hippie dippy mums group, the religious groups, the no one wants to talk to the new girl group and once and while you find the goldilocks group where you just feel relaxed and comfy there.

Any way here's a few reasons why playgroups are a good thing for you and your tots!
1. They build confidence not only for mum but for little ones. Meeting new people, playing, talking and learning to be around others. Learning to share, watching other people. You may even make new friends yourself.

2. Again not just for little one's but play groups are great for developing social skills, language and communication. Playgroups will often have a song time where tots can sing and play small instruments. Group story times are also fantastic for these reasons.
3. Tots will develop physical skills getting about , playing with others, trying new activities that you perhaps wouldn't have or do at home. Some play groups will set up different arts and crafts activity every week contributing to your little ones fine motor skills and creativity.

4. Play is how babies and toddlers learn! Not only that but as parents especially of more than one child we often don't always have the time to devote all our undivided attention to just playing with baby/toddler. Being at playgroup allows you this time, it's scheduled in every week away from home and away from home and away from distractions.

5. Learning the rules! The biggest benefit of playgroups is long before you child is able to talk they will have silently learned the rules of the playground. They will learned to have gentle hands aka no hitting, no snatching, you must share, you must take turns and more. And the best thing about it is they learn from watching and the odd reminder from mum of course.

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