Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Should our kids be studying during the summer break or should it be 100% downtime?

It's the start of the summer holidays and were all sighing with relief that school is finally out Great! But amongst the trips to the beach, and for the lucky ones holidays there's that little niggle in the back of your head.... " Should I be doing something educational with the kids?"
For myself personally the answer is yes as I have a 7 daughter who while brilliant at arts, drama and sports she really does struggle practically with her reading and writing skills and in particular her letter formations. During holiday we always keep up our standard of reading with the kids because for us we really enjoy books but probably don't always do as much as we should do with other subjects. When we decided to collaborate with Tutorfair we were hit by some incredibly astonishing facts for example :
  • Students will score more highly on the same test at the beginning of the summer than at the end of the summer. Okay I'm mean with time off I guess that's be expected right?
  • Students will loose on average 2.6 months worth of maths learning and 1 months worth of spellings learning!! Is it just me or is that truly shocking?
  • Teachers will them spend 4-6 weeks re-teaching forgotten material!!  That's half a term.
Tutorfair have some brilliant easy to do advise to stop the summer slide. Simple ideas to fit into your day like getting your children to measure ingredients if you do some baking. Get them multiple/divide the measurements if you decide to double up a recipe. Get you child to check the time on the clock when the inevitable what time is? What time are we going out? What time is my friend coming round to play? Starts. These simple things will help put your child's maths skills into practise and they won't even notice.  
For science something as simple as drawing with chalk a circle around any puddles left from a rainy morning to observe the water cycle. You should see evaporation in action when the puddles start to shrink! I know my kids are going to love this activity idea because for some reason they are obsessed with puddles. I blame Peppa pig!
Whilst the Tutorfair website offers some fab ideas for keeping you children practising their skills they have learnt the passed year at school without breaking summer holiday laws and being boring they also offer independent tutoring. You can search the site by subject and subject levels for example primary maths and then add your post code, it will then give you a list of tutors and their price for each session.
One of the alarming statistics I read was that only 15% of children who have free school meals will likely go to university apposed to children that go to independent school having 95% likelihood of going to university. What a shocking and vey sad statistic indeed
The big difference between Tutorfair and other traditional tutoring agencies is “For every student who pays, Tutorfair gives free tutoring to a child can’t” (the ‘fair’ bit).
I love the idea of breaking down social barriers and giving all children a chance to thrive regardless.
Does you child/children have tuition? Or do you tutor you children yourself through the holidays? Do you think that the holidays are for 100% downtime? I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment below. 


  1. Yes, I think that during summer break students should study little bit so that they can cover all the lessons which they have studied before summer break because this will help them in scoring better grades in their academics. But parents should not force them study all the time during vacations because it's the time to enjoy and having fun with friends, so students should have fun and study both. If the parents want to have a tutor for their kids who can teach their kids during summer breaks visit http://www.selectmytutor.co.uk