Saturday, 4 July 2015

Love pink? You'll love Models Own dinky pinky review


Models Own Dinky Pinky
Now I am by no means a beauty blogger or even a beauty addict but like most woman I have a huge selection of beauty products. This week the weather has been amazing in the UK. I mean who needs a holiday with weather like this and luckily for me I live a stones throw away from the beach so I have been feeling more than lucky. With the weather doing its part I wanted to do mine so I have been wearing some lovely almost neon nail polish this week. I have been sporting Models Own stunning pink shade Dinky Pinky!
So what am loving about this nail polish? Well the colour it's a gorgeous shade for summer and is making me feel really colourful and upbeat! I would say that it doesn't have a heavy sheen and it slightly more matt than I usually go for but it just works. I found that it applied really easily and dried pretty quickly too. Slight con is that the polish does seem to only last a day or so on the hand but its lasted a week on my toes and is still going strong. I think with a very good top coat you could stretch it out a bit longer. Having said that when using my nail varnish remover to take it off and reapply another coat the varnish came off super easy. I loath taking nail varnish off I just find it a real chore and for this reason I love this nail varnish even more!
To sum it up it has a gorgeous summer colour, applies well, dries quickly, comes off super easy with nail varnish remover and would be the perfect varnish if it was a bit tougher and lasted a bit longer. I would still highly recommend this shade from Models Own for summer gorgeousness!!
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I bought and paid for this product myself and this review is not associated directly with Models own. All opinions are my own.

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