Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Kids Mystery Monthly Review 

Kids Mystery Monthly
This week we have been trying out Tall Tales Adventures Kids Mystery Monthly e-magazine for children. Each month a new and exciting mystery is released based on kids ages roughly 7-11 years. My daughters are 7 and 9 and we have been trying to crack issue #2 Murder in the Maze!  

How does it work?

Once you have chosen you Mystery you can simply download it or play along straight off the site. You can buy the mysteries as one offs or you can choose a subscription ensuring you never miss a mystery. You will receive a password to be able to log into the adventure. You will also have the option to print off the activities and I highly recommended this so your children have a place to work out their answers and take some notes.
The story it's self runs along side child friendly activities for example one of the activities we had was a word search. Once you have completed the chosen activity you will find a clue to help you solve the mystery. There are also small video sections where Detective Puzzler talks you through your finding and gives you clear instructions on what to do next.

Eleesha and Katelyn enjoying Murder In The Mase!
The girls have thoroughly enjoyed the Murder In The Maze issue. They really liked the activates, they struggled slightly with the Sudoku and so I helped them with that. All in all I found it very age appropriate and actually quite educational. That's what I liked about it the most the fact that it was educational but they didn't notice because they were having so much fun trying to crack the case. The Mystery Monthly e-magazine for me is a refreshing break from computer games and TV and I'm most kids will find them really entreating, perfect for summer!

Fancy trying The Mystery Monthly e-magazine for yourself?

Great  because Tall Tales Adventures have kindly provided a 25% discount code to share with you! Simply pop over to Tall Tale Adventures Mystery Monthly and use the discount code below!

Let us know if you have tried the e-magazine and tell us what you thought!
*We were give a code that let us download issue#2 for free. Our opinion remain 100% honest regardless.