Saturday, 25 July 2015


Is it possible to learn guitar from home?

Learning guitar properly is a long term commitment and quite frankly can be quite expensive. Some schools do offer musical instrument lessons starting off as complete beginners but these may be limited to a hour or two a week and not all schools offer them for free, I know ours doesn't. You can opt for private music lessons/ tuition but again they can be extremely costly and you will always be limited by your budget and trying to fit them in around your schedule.
Self teaching yourself guitar is the biggest option people go for which works really well for some people, it's free and you can practise as and when you have time. There are thousands of tutorial YouTube style videos to learn from on the internet, books and DVDs to get you going. These are all great resources but it is very easy to create gaps in you knowledge, skills and technique.
As you can see we have two budding guitarists in our house my husband and intermediate guitarists and my daughter a complete beginner learner and a left handed beginner at that. We have recently found a brilliant website called Levels for guitar . Levels for guitar is a home school style guitar instruction website which is super easy to use and starts all the way from a complete beginner all the way through to intermediate learners. It is broken down into levels of what I would call mini lessons which I love because you are focusing on one thing at a time and not overwhelming yourself which can happen in some of online video tutorials available. Once you get your head round that level you simply move onto the next. It literally does start from how to correctly hold the guitar and it takes you though the cords and so on. I have to say the tutorial videos on this site are some of the easiest to follow we have seen and did not confuse or make you feel overwhelmed with too much information.  
My husband who has been playing guitar (self thought) for around 5 years was amazed at how much he didn't know or had maybe not been doing quite right. My daughter has been practising from the website with her dads help and she has been finding really easy to follow. She is now aspiring to have herself a YouTube video haha!
When you sign up to the site you can choose from two different monthly subscriptions both of which are ridiculously great value and a fraction of the price of private tuition.
Beginner subscription is priced at $8 a month or £5.16 here in UK money. For this you will receive :
100 Complete levels
24/7 Online access
Beginner sight reading 1
Intermediate subscription is priced at $9 a month or £5.80 in UK money. For this you will receive:
Access to the 100 beginner levels
24/7 Online access
Beginner sight reading 1
A continuation to levels up to 150 
expansion of the first 100 levels
 I love that the Levels for guitar is a great middle ground for adults and children wanting to learn guitar who for what ever reason don't wish to have a full on private music lessons but don't get enough knowledge from your basic online, book or DVD tutorials currently available. I think price wise for what you get it really is fantastic value for money I mean you can't even get a movie subscription service for that price!
* I am not an affiliate for this site and will not make any money should you sign up. I was however provided with a free subscription for the purpose of this review. Our opinions remain 100% honest regardless.