Monday, 20 July 2015


A Box of Socks

By Amanda Brandon
A Box of Socks

This week we have been enjoying reading A Box of Socks by Amanda Brandon. When I say this week I really do mean all week. My son in particular loves to read and re read the same book over and over and then eventually will move onto the next. This week he has been hooked on this book.


A little info about the book

The book is written by Amanda Brandon who lives in Essex with her husband and two children. Catalina Echeverri is the illustrator of the book. Catalina is originally from Bogota in Columbia and takes her sketch book with her everywhere! The book is published by Marverick books. To find out more about Maverick books or find more of their children's book check them out here!

The Blurb

Because we always read the back first right?
Granny Mutton loves to knit and so
she made a Whole Box of Socks
for Little Lionel's friends.
But Little Lionel gets all the socks
muddled and has to find out which
pairs belong to whom!

Our Favourite bits

Our Favourite Bits!

We loved it when Little Lionel said " Grab a sock, try it on, if it's wrong, pass it on." My kids howled with laughter at this part of the book. All the Whee's, Whizzing and whooshing kept my children gripped and in fits of laughter.
Overall we just loved this book. We loved the charming a totally hilarious story, we love the gorgeous pictures and bright colours. The characters were very loveable and we would always be keen to read more of Little Lionel's adventures. The book was incredibly engaging and would turn the head of any young reluctant reader. A genuine family favourite on the bookshelf now.
*We were very kindly given a copy of this book from the awesome people at Maverick Books for the purpose of the review. All opinions are 100% our own regardless.