Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Pssst Fathers day is June 21st ...... Top Fathers day gifts for under £20

Fathers day is quickly approaching and it's time to start to think about spoiling the man of the house. My husband will be working this year on Fathers day so the kids will inundate him with home made cards and I've bought him a few goodies. We will try and squeeze in an early roast or lunch before he goes off to work.
Choosing gifts for my husband is notoriously difficult but if I stay within a few basic categories I'm usually safe. Often if I choose from car accessories/ DIY or gadgets it's all good but I never dare to buy clothes are past major fails as he's super fussy with clothes. To be honest I think it's pretty unfair that I'm so easy to shop for and well he's a nightmare!


Here's a few of my top picks for fathers day gifts this year:


My husband can spend hours outside on his car and I reckon this should go down a treat with him. It has all the things he needs to clean his car and comes in a cool Top Gear bucket and free postages. I hate paying postage. Just over £15 its a total bargain.


You can never go wrong with anything lightsaber related and these totally awesome playful lightsaber BBQ tongs are way too cool even for non star wars fans. You can just imagine the men round the BBQ showing off with these! They come in under £20 with delivery bonus.


For the DIY fan I found this tool belt which is perfect for some one like my husband who is always putting his tools down and loosing them or having to walk back and forth to his shed to pick up more tools. In fact he has been hinting at one of these lately wink wink. It comes in at under £15 and free delivery!

As far as I'm concerned you can never have to much storage and these flash drives are way too cool to be stuck in a drawer. Maserati Gran Turismo Car 8gb flash drive and Genie Lamborghini 8gb flash drive both come in under £20 and free delivery whoop!


My husband is a massive fan of L'Oreal Man Expert Vita Lift and has been using it for years. It can be quite expensive to buy the range individually unless there is a special offer on which is when I usually get his buttt.....I found this 3 piece set for just over £15 and free delivery. If you want to buy pampering goodies for Fathers day this is it and it's really kind to sensitive skin.

Got a movie mad man in the house? Why not buy a box set, that should keep him busy for a while! This aliens box set combines classic si-fi with the newer Prometheus movies and is a great movie buff offering. The entire collection with 8 Blu-ray discs for £10 and free delivery.
So there you have it my top Fathers day gift ideas. Do you like them? What will you be buying for Fathers day or will you be making presents this year?
* Whilst these are truly my favourite Fathers day picks the links are affiliate links and if you should buy something from my links I would earn a some pennies from it.