Wednesday, 24 June 2015



Well quite frankly most of us do like a good grumble and are much better at moaning than we are at pointing out the better things about life. Soo with that I'm challenging myself to reach 10 things that were have been great this month June. Here goes!

ONE: Our 6th wedding anniversary was on the 6th of June and we had a child free trip to France for the day with my brother and sister in law. It was amazing. The weather was hot, it was peaceful and did I mention child free? The food was gorgeous and we had our fair share of Cidre Doux yummy.

TWO: I grew my own strawberries!! I super excited about that I managed to grow my own strawberries for the first time ever. This is the 3rd year that I have attempted to grow them myself and I as I come a very green fingered family you'd think I'd be chip off the block but you'd be wrong. I could literally kill off a cactus I'm so terrible at gardening or anything to with house plants. So yeah I have a plentiful supply of fresh strawbs and for that I am very pleased with my self, so much so I've even told the kids to tell everyone mummy grew them herself if they are seen eating them out :P
THREE:  We completed the supernaturallyhealthy 10 day green smoothie challenge!! My self and my husband took this challenge having never made our own smoothies or even trying half the ingredients in them. I'm not going to lie the first couple of days I was like "why am I doing this?" and I really struggled with the texture buuuuut I did start to enjoy them once I got used to them and now we are having them most days.
FOUR: I gained around 400 Twitter followers this last month wish is completely crazy for just little old me!!  I'm still fairly newish to Twitter and still trying to get the hang of the hash tagging and stuff. So thank you to my lovely Twitter followers you have made my month!! x  
FIVE: School sports day was last week. My youngest school age daughter was in the morning followed my eldest in the afternoon so me and Alivia did spend all day there. The weather was fantastic and sunny and all the kids had a brilliant time and even got a few stickers along the way. I do love these proud mummy moments we get to share with them. I did take a ridiculous amount of photos and videos for the husband to endure as he was in work.

 SIX: Alivia's talking! Well she's 20 months and has been saying the odd words for a while now but she's started stringing words together. It's a god send because her tantrums have settled down now we can finally understand what she's trying to tell her and it feels like were able to have proper little conversations with her. She can understand what were saying to her and life's just a bit happier in that respect. Give her a few more months and they'll be no stopping her!
SEVEN: I joined the Rise parent blogger club board a couple of weeks back which they update weekly and was placed in at #229 of #792 parent blogs! I'll take that thank you very much. I feel like I've cheated some how!?!
EIGHT: One word BUNKBEDS!! OMG what a palaver it has been buying the girls a new set of bunk beds. In total it has taken just over 3 months but they are finally up thanks to Mr Walker the DIY expert. We originally ordered from a local furniture store and they took 8 weeks to deliver and arrived damaged sigh. Then we ordered some from a big brand name online store and they got lost in transit and after lots of chasing up they finally arrived a month late. It's been a real trauma and we defo won't be ordering any furniture any time soon!!
NINE: My blogging confidence is growing and I don't actually feel scared to be more me. I have more page views now and feel I like I'm getting some where and making friends and for the first time I don't feel like giving up and it's a great feeling!
TEN: It's summer and the sun is shining and this is the time of year my personality shines! I'm sun worshiping hippy and just always feel really happy in summer so that's my positive finish to my ten things that were fabulous this month!
I managed ten! Thanks for reading x
A Cornish Mum