Monday, 29 June 2015



So you drive the same way to school every day, you walk the same way to work every day, eat the same sandwich, same breakfast. Life's getting a little bit monotonous! Don't get me wrong I do it too, we all do! Sometimes you just need to shake things up a bit and so I have put together a few simple, non time consuming ideas to add a touch of variety to the day and maybe make the day a tiny bit more fun or just less samey!
1.  Wear something different. If you usually wear dark colours try wearing something a little bit more colourful. Not brave enough? Add a brightly coloured accessory instead, a different colour shoe, a bright necklace or even scarf. Wearing something just slightly out if YOUR norm can make a massive difference to the way you feel and might even brighten your mood.

2. Take a slightly different or massively different journey to work, school, the supermarket, walking the dog or where ever you going. It's surprising how a slight change of scenery can effect your mood. Seeing something different, opening up a different topic of conversation, or noticing some thing new or just giving you something new to moan about in the traffic.

3. Do you ever sit in a café or restaurant look at the menu and think 'ooo that looks nice ' but then order a cheese and ham Panini any way because you know you like it and it's better to play it safe? BORING!! Try the thing that caught your attention. Yes you might not like it but maybe you will and you'll be pleased you tried something new and it gives you something to talk about later. "Guess what I tried today!" .

4. Say YES! I think especially if your a parent to any age children you'll start to get sick of hearing yourself say no all the time. I think I do my own head in with all the no's I dish out between four kids just imagine what they think of it. Try saying yes to a situation you would usually say no to for a change and see what the out come is. Not just with the kids but any where, at work, out with friends. Have a yes day (within reason obvs you don't want to be dishing out Haribo's for breakfast and agreeing to no baths for a week) .

5. Move stuff. I get bored quickly with the way things look and end up moving things even furniture. If you have time move furniture great. If you don't have time just switch you photo frames around, move your candles and  knick knacks to different rooms or different shelves. Give your desk a little make over. Changing your environment can have a huge effect on how you feel.

6. Be Random. Just do something random right then right there! Send a cheeky text, say hi to some one you see regularly but never talk too, tell a joke and make some one laugh, just turn up and take your friend/boyfriend/husband/mum out for coffee or lunch, dinner. You get the idea, don't think about it, don't plan it and just do it!
7. Music. Listen to a genre of music you wouldn't usually listen too or an artists you've never heard of or just have a little dance around the house. You like pop music try out some rock music. You listen RnB music try listening to some reggae out you get my point. Whatever just switch it up for a change and you might just find something new.
8. Style your self different. Wear your hair differently, change to an up do or just change your parting to the other side. Small changes make a massive difference. Wear a different shade of lipstick, wear more make up or wear less make up. Try something a little different just for one day. It's funny how good you can feel just by adding a cheeky lippy to your day.
9. Have a different breakfast. Breakfast can be chaotic and we just end up grabbing the same old cereal or toast and rush it down. Try just for one day to have a totally different breakfast. You could go all out and get up earlier and have an awesome family breakfast. You could even have it in the garden or in bed (fat chance I hear you say). Have a smoothie instead and make it the night before.
10. No chores! Have one day where you don't do any housework, shopping, cooking and all that other boring stuff and spend the extra doing stuff you wish you had time to do!

What do you do to shake up your day?

A Cornish Mum