Saturday, 2 May 2015


How did we get here so fast?
This week I found my self in the middle of a big department store looking at training bras and crop tops it was just a really weird but surreal moment. Part of me was having a proud mummy moment and the other part of me was totally freaking out! When did my little baby girl start changing? I was only twenty when I had her and now I'm thirty and feeling instantly aged. I know thirty isn't old but when you are thirty and your child has suddenly become more shapely, hormonal and in need of a training bra over night it's hard not to feel a little bit well... old!
It feels like were both struggling with this change that's crept up on us all of a sudden. Our relationship has changed and it feels like she just needs me more right now. She's wildly hormonal with constant mood changes from a laughing happy child to crying and sobbing with no apparent reason almost like a toddler again. She comes out with random attitude and rolling eyes and "whatever's" at any given moment. Meanwhile I have been learning the art of patience, acceptance and trying to remember way back to when it was my turn to start the pre-teen process and what an absolute cow bag I was to my parents and praying that she won't turn into a mini me in that respect.
Some of the conversations we have had lately have been pretty interesting though if not a bit random, funny and awkward at the same time.
Sweaty armpits!! "Mum I feel like I'm always sweaty and smelly especially after P.E!" I'm not going to lie this made me howl with laughter with nervousness much to my daughters embarrassment. After the initial shock we talked about how older girls may need to shower more often and that it's all normal and she now has her own deodorant.
Periods eeek!! We have now had 'THE TALK' including where babies come from and she took it quite well. I'm glad that we had this talk cuddled up just me and her even if she did think it was "gross". I found out at school watching a VHS tape... really not cool, super awkward and totally wish it came from my mum. I also bought a book which explains growing up for girls but in a way that child can understand. She also thought that was "gross" but she has decided to keep it and has put it on her shelf to refer back to if she needs to (her words). She also has a emergency kit prepared!
Growing pains!! I remember growing pains oh they sucked so bad. I can remember really suffering with them. My daughter has probably inherited that misery from me lol. So the way we have been dealing with these is Paracetamol,  warm bubble baths and cuddles. I just try and think about what would make me feel better.
My daughter is nearly ten and I'm sure I was much older more like thirteen/fourteen when I first started experiencing these growing up symptoms it's hard to believe some one so young could be experiencing puberty. After consulting my friends with girls around the same age I have discovered that actually it seems to be the norm. I have a friend whose daughter started their periods at 9 now that's a scary thought. At least she is a little more prepared now but I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the idea that my baby is growing up.