Sunday, 31 May 2015


The 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge - General Change Of Attitude!

The last 10 days has seen the Twoplusfourwalkers household launch itself into the 10 day green smoothie challenge hosted by Kezia Hall holistic health coach and her fab website Super Naturally Healthy.

The challenge

The challenge was to drink one green smoothie a day in the attempt to just generally feel better , have more energy and even have a healthy glow. Personally I was never a smoothie fan and to be honest I barely eat fruit so the thought of drinking green gloop was pretty out there for me. But lately I had been feeling really tired, bloated and always hungry and decided drastic action was needed. I had bought a smoothie maker on recommendation of friends and family when I noticed the green smoothie challenge and thought if I was going to start some where it should be with some one who knows what there doing and not just throwing random stuff in the blender and hoping for the best. Smart move on my part because the day before the challenge kicked off I decided to road test my smoothie maker by making my self a concoction of yoghurt and fruity stuff I made up myself and in all fairness it was pretty awful.


I was given a shopping list of all the ingredients I would need to for the 10 days which to my surprise was not anything extravagant. I for some reason had it in my head that all this smoothie lark was going to be ridiculously expensive but I think a bit of shopping around and you can get al the things you need a really fair price. There were a few extra optional ingredients that personally I didn't go for because I wanted to keep my budget down until I decided if this was for me or not.

Day one brought me the Fatty fatty boom boom smoothie!

1/2 avocado
1.5 bananas
tsp cinnamon
5 tbsp of melted coconut oil
250ml water/milk
1/2 tsp turmeric
large handful spinach
tsp maca powder- optional
All I can say is major shock to the system! And would like to point out that this was the first time I had eaten/ drank a banana in over 25 years and the first time I had ever eaten avocado properly. I can't stand the taste of banana or the texture and dodge avocado at all cost because it just doesn't look pleasant.
I'm not going to lie I did struggle but I drank it all and sulkily have to admit that it was not bad at all. My husband had some and loved it. It was very filling and did genuinely give us both lots of energy and a bit of a cleansing effect I which definitely helped with my bloaty feeling I had been suffering with.

Feeling good!

 A couple of days in I was really feeling the difference. My bloating had gone down and I was brimming with energy. Usually around 3/4pm I would always get really cranky and tired and would need to snack to keep my self going but I haven't had that all. By now not only was I doing the challenge my husband and kids were going in too, they were curious about the new foods we were trying. We received positive motivation all the way I loved the affirmations via email.  



Lemonade Detox  was by far my most favourite smoothie of all I loved how refreshing it was.   

1.5 whole peeled/deseeded lemons
small thumb size of lemon peel
300ml coconut water (optional but very hydrating and good for you) or water
3 dates
tsp honey - optional
2 handfuls spinach
1/3 cucumber
1/2 avocado

And now.....?


The challenge has been great for a general attitude towards food and our children seeing this change is what has impressed me most. It shows that kids really do copy cat their parents and if you not opened minded towards a healthy diet than your children will follow suit. We're all feeling the benefits such a tiny change to your day can make. The smoothies were not at all time consuming to make although you might think so like I did before. The ingredients were not difficult to find and the one particular ingredient we couldn't find were able to after having some great support from Facebook page. Were now a green smoothie drinking family and looking for more ways to get ourselves and kids drinking different types of smoothies. #greensmoothie power!