Monday, 18 May 2015



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It's been a while since I updated my last freebies and samples post so I've decided to start a new one. I'll have a new post every month with the latest samples, freebies and coupons and update them as often as possible. So here's the first months for May and June.
Disney Store Free Star Wars Collectors Cards : Disney are giving away free Star Wars collectors cards throughout the month of May. All you need to do is simply go into a Disney store and state that weeks phrase to receive you free cards and there are four sets to collect. Full details here >>> FREE STAR WARS CARDS
DryNites Samples and coupon: DryNites are giving a free sample and £1 off coupon all you need to do is sign up. You do need to sign up for a account with them but I don't find them too spammy. Full details here >>> DRYNITES SAMPLES

Fat burning coffee: are giving away free samples of their fat burning coffee. Simply sign up on their website >>> COFFEE SAMPLE

Beaming babies: Beaming babies are giving away free nappy and samples and includes a coupon for £5 via their Facebook page. Details here >>> NAPPY SAMPLE

PG Tips: PG Tips are still giving away free tea samples although they have run out of the juicy berry flavour they still have the green tea on offer. Details here >>> TEA SAMPLE

Weekend box: Weekend box is a subscription activity pack that is sent to your child in the post. The first box is an absolutely free trail. Details here >>> WEEKEND BOX SAMPLE

Toucan Box: Toucan box is another subscription activity pack that is sent in the post direct to your child. You can read my review of Toucan Box here Toucan box review   and you can trail you box here >>> TOUCAN BOX SAMPLE

Halos N Horns: Are giving away a free holiday fun ideas book great for keeping the kiddos entertained. Details here >>> FREE ACTIVITY BOOK

 Kikkoman: Kikkoman are giving away free samples of their salad dressing in exchange for feedback which seems fair enough to me and most people like to review and give feedback. Details here >>> SALAD DRESSING SAMPLES


Supersavyme: Supersavyme have a great coupon range this month. If you haven't used coupons yet then you must give it ago! Details here >>>  SUPERSAVYME COUPONS
Kenco Millicano:  Kenco Millicano have a coupon for 75p off. You need to submit your details and send to a friend (or yourself) Details here >>> KENCO MILLICANO COUPON have published some money off printable coupons which include x2 25p off and x2 50p coupons!! >>>> SUDOCREM COUPONS
Sandy Organic are giving away packs of Extra Strength Disinfectant Wipes. Really quick form to enter here >>>> SANDY ORGANIC SAMPLE