Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Kids Money Saving Jars

This year we are having a trip away but not until the end of the summer and now the kids know about it all they can think of is their spending money. Usually we just give them X amount of spenders each but this year I wanted to mix it up a little and encourage them to save their own pennies. The idea behind it is that they will be in control of how much they save and that it will teach them a little bit about money. The deal is this, they get to save up or spend their money however they wish and they can choose what they want to spend it on no bossy parents pinkie promise ( within reason of course).  Our side of the deal we butt out when it comes to spending it and what they save themselves we will match , so they save £30 and we give them £30... you get the idea.
So to kick things off to a fun start we made these money savings jars to keep their pennies safe. Now any body who knows me well will know that I drink a lot of coffee and have a stash of coffee jars that I can't bare to throw away. I think I have an inner hoarder in me.
So basically to make them look cool and personalised I gave them all some paper and told them to write their names with sharpies and design them any way they wanted. To glue the labels on I used home made modge podge glue ( I'll post soon on how to make your own modge podge). They also used those scissors that cut in zig zags and scalloped edges. At that's it super easy, fun and free way to make your own money savings jars. Hopefully by time we go away these will be full of pennies!