Thursday, 14 May 2015



Five things then and five things now is my list of just how much my life has changed over the last ten years. When I fell pregnant for my first baby it was right before my twentieth birthday and now at thirty I can look back see just how much has changed.
1. Cigarettes - I had my first cigarette around the age of twelve behind the back of the school with all the cool kids, it was disgusting but the start of a 10 year smoking habit. In the years before having my first baby I smoked an easy twenty a day. I did give up smoking for my pregnancy and actually found it really easy to do thanks to a condition called Hyperemesis_gravidarum and extreme pregnancy sickness condition which I had with all four of my pregnancies and I was even hospitalized several times. Smoking has now become snacking and the odd puff on the rare occasions I have been drunk enough.

2. Alcohol - Pre pregnancy I was a drinking machine. I worked hard and played hard nowadays I just work hard... sigh. Back then I could have a night get up and go to work for 9am and be fresh as a daisy and do it all again the next day. Now a few too many wines and I have my head down the toilet for the rest of the night and a three day hangover it's not fair! A few drinks at the end of the day has now become tea and biscuits corrie and easties.

3. Makeup - It's funny because I can remember spending hours doing my hair and makeup even if it was just to go to the shops or for lunch I pretty much wore make all the time. I would spend my breaks at work re-applying make up making sure my hair was perfect. Now I'm lucky if I have enough time to do anything more than scrape my hair back in to a pony tail and hope for the best in the morning.  I spend my mornings doing other peoples hair, little mini me people. Note to self  'spend more time on my hair and makeup in the mornings!'. Erm no that's never going to happen because I value my sleep to much to get out of bed any earlier than I already do!

4. Sleep and sex - Yes that's two things but they both happen in the same place so it counts as one! Also two things either don't happen as often as you'd like now you have four kids or if they do happen they'll always be interrupted by one of the little people. Back in the day the weekends were for sleeping and morning was at two in the afternoon, now I might get a cheeky nap at two in the afternoon if the youngest is tired enough and the dishes don't need doing again.

5. Being able to just nip out - This is probably the thing I miss the most about my life before children. Now I have had kids the sentence "just popping the shops" is redundant. Every time you leave the house even for a 5 minute journey it's a mental checklist and fight to convince the kids to put their shoes on and it's cold outside you will need a coat and then the ten minute argument until they actually do it. By then you've wasted 15 minutes getting ready!

In all fairness I could make my list a bit longer but then it turns from ramble into a rant and we don't need that. I obviously do love my life now but it is fun to remember those days of selfishness some times. Thanks for reading x