Thursday, 7 May 2015



This is my opinion  about adults. I love to be with adults(SOMETIMES!) Normally I like to be with my mum and dad, they are fun, happy, silly and sometimes a bit serious. I do like to have my own privacy, and some times my parents distract me which I don't like. My parents are so kind they get me loads of  cool stuff. They can be very, very, very annoying some of the time which really bugs me, but I still love them loads and loads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think my parents and family are the best!!!

I think parents are a bit bad at understanding kids thoughts and they don't really know what us children mean but still grown ups and parents can be very good at giving advice which I really appreciate. Parents can be a bit of a pain when it comes to dinner time, because whenever we tell them that we don't like a certain food like for example mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and more. But they still make us eat it any way! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!! Also when you tell grown ups that you definitely don't like a type of food...    THEY MAKE YOU EAT IT ANY WAY!!! But some times I think the adults have a reason not to understand us children, because they might be busy focusing on something else, or might have a head ache.

I think adults get it the easy way because they get to boss us poor innocent children here are some examples..
*   They can send us to our room whenever they feel like it.
* They can tell us to shush and go and get this and go and get that when they can get it there self .
*  They wont let us do big kid stuff even at my age!

But being a kid is sort of better because we get what ever we like here are some examples..
*  We get every thing we have free because grown ups buy it for us.
*  Us children get to do whatever we like all day long plus we get to play all day but adults don't.
*  We don't have to put up with baby's and we definitely don't have to clean there bottoms!
So that is the difference between adults and children .

I don't always agree with adults rules because the rules are really, really, really, really BORING. They just keep nagging!!!

  So that is my opinion about
weird, silly, fun, strict, boring, kind.............   ADULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     NAME: Eleesha Walker
AGE: 9
favourite colour: blue    

**This post was written by my daughter Eleesha these are her views on adults. Let's see how she feels about this in a few years time haha! **