Monday, 18 May 2015



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As parents we are always battling against the clock. Here's five super simple time saving tips that are totally doable no freezing cupcakes and sandwiches for weeks and months ahead just simple daily tasks to speed things up a bit.

  •  Easy kids hair do - Plait girls hair after washing, only towel dry so the hair is still damp. The hair will dry over night and your girls will have perfectly wavy hair in the morning for school. Just brush it though and leave down or stick it in a ponytail.

  • Baby bath time - My youngest loves to spend a long time in the bath and obviously I need to supervise her so I take advantage of being stuck in the bathroom for half an hour by having a mini pamper. I can put on facemask or tweeze my brows etc. and still see and play with my daughter. It's win win!

  • Mad 5 minutes -  We have a mad five minutes where it's all hands on deck and every one has a job/ chore to do. Something quick that makes a big difference like one person puts all the toys in the toy box, one person hoovers the down stairs, one person will put the dishes away etc. It's amazing how much tidier the house can look after a mad five minutes. You can make it a game or put on some music on so the kids find it fun and not a chore. Here's a link back to a previous post on getting the kids to help you with housework .

  • Lunch boxes - Start making your lunches boxes with you kids after school. Not only are you getting the lunch boxes made well ahead of time but it will also doubles up as an after school activity. My kids enjoy making their own sandwiches or making as pasta and putting in their own pots etc. I also delegate one child to make the drinks for the packed lunch (usually the oldest), one child to wash the lunch boxes/ flasks (kids love doing the dishes for some reason) and putting them away nicely.

  • Laundry time -  Laundry is my sore point I loath the ironing! When doing the laundry I get the children to help me by putting away their own clothes. Obviously a four year old might not be able to hang his clothes up in the wardrobe but is more than capable of putting their own socks and pants away or matching socks. My older children will help fold and put clothes on hangers. I save a lot of time this way because as you can imagine with a big family there is a LOT of laundry.

What's your best time saving hack?