Thursday, 16 April 2015



This week we received our sample of 10ml sachet sample of Aveeno moisturising cream that we got from the Aveeno Facebok Samples Page . The samples are still available at the moment so you can still get one too.

I wanted to try this product because our family suffer with eczema and dry skin and although there are a lot of products out there for these conditions not all of them do the job.

Aveeno suggest that this cream is suitable for adults and babies over 3 months old so I decided to put it to the test on my 9 year old daughter who has recently had quite a bad outbreak of eczema especially on her hands. It's been so bad that even basic hand soaps have been irritating her skin making them red and flaky.

Although the sample sachet is only 10ml it is quite a thick cream so you don't need to use so much and we have been able to spread it out over a four day period. My daughter hates putting creams on because she doesn't like the greasy sticky feeling some creams can leave you with for some time afterwards. She wasn't keen to try it but when I put it on her arms, hands and face she was impressed. She did say and I will agree with her that it didn't absorb as quickly as some other creams but once it did her skin felt really smooth and she found it very soothing. It didn't sting her skin at all and lasted all day.

The price isn't too bad compared to some creams we have bought in the past either. I think the next thing we will try will be the bath range.

I claimed this sample via the Aveeno Facebook page for free. I have reviewed it because I really liked it and this is my honest opinions. You can get a free sample too via the link is above.