Saturday, 11 April 2015


I'd heard and seen some mentions of toucan Box via my social media recently and really wanted to see what it was all about so I had a little peek at their website and was really pleased to see they had a promotion on to get a free petite box when you subscribe.  I love to try before I buy I mean there's nothing worse then paying up and being seriously underwhelmed when you get your purchase. We ordered our toucan box and promptly got an email to confirm our order and let us know that it would arrive within 3-5, which it did. We've written a little review and posted some photos to show you what's in the pack, did the children actually enjoy using the items inside the box, where they age appropriate and finally is it worth the money!

Firstly a little information about toucan Box

toucan Box is a by mail subscription box which contains all instructions and materials you will need to complete the activity you have received. The boxes come in three different sizes which are the Petite box which comes with one activity and is priced at £3.95 and comes fortnightly. You then have the Grande size box which contains two activities and is priced at £9.95 and comes monthly. Finally you have the Super size box which contains four activities and is priced at £16.95 and comes monthly. Both the Grande and Super boxes have options to add extra materials for extra siblings.

The toucan Petite trial box (Treasure map & Pirate Partner)

When we received our box through the post I was quite impressed at how small the box was and just how much was inside. It was plenty small enough to fit through the letter box and my son loved the fact it was actually addressed to him.

When we opened the box we found inside the following items:

  • A very clear colourful instruction booklet
  • A plain white piece of card paper
  • A cardboard parrot template
  • Some feather and googly eye
  • A glue stick
  • A small box of crayons
  • A tea bag
  • A paintbrush
  • Some stickers
  • A lollipop stick
  • Also two cards which allowed me to give to my friends to claim a free box
My 4 year old son Jayden and 9 year old daughter decided to give it a bash and boy do they love pirates! This is how they got on.
Eleesha read out the instructions for Jayden and he was very easily able to carry out the instructions without any help when making the pirate map except the hot water and tea bag but which I helped him with. They had a lot of fun scrunching the paper and painting with tea water to make it look old.  
The parrot Partner was also very easy to make, there was no cutting with scissors involved he simply just had to press out the parrot shape from the template. I liked this because at only four and being left handed he does sometimes get frustrated with using scissors especially for complex shapes.
After getting the parrot template ready they went on to colour it with the crayons provided, stick the googly eye on which can them lot's of laughs there's just something really funny about googly eyes! Glue on the feathers and lollipop stick and hey presto they had a parrot Partner and an old treasure map.
Everything we needed for this activity was included in the box (except water obviously). We then went on to play find the pirate treasure in the garden. For that reason alone I would say the £3.95 and fortnight is well and truly justified. It's not just an arts and crafts project it is a whole days entertainment if you want it to be. It's also fantastic for any parents who just need a little inspiration. Going out to buy all the materials for this project would cost a lot more than the price of the subscription and it's nice you only get what you need so there's not too much to tidy away afterwards. I found the activity we received very easy for the children to use with me just supervising them and so they were able to play independently which is great for their confidence.
I would recommend if you have more than one child to upgrade to one of the larger boxes so there are enough materials for them all to join in as the petite box is better for one child.
I do try to pick out some negatives when I review products/samples or trials but on this occasion I just can't find any. Would we recommend toucan box yes and we would certainly consider upgrading to the super sized box in the future.
You can find the toucanBox wesite and information here >>>>
I ordered my toucanBox via the website. It was on a free trial wen you subscribe and I did not pay for it nor have I been paid for my review. My review is all my own true honest opinions.