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I've always been a fan of educational and activity pintables to use at home but since one of my children started having problems concentrating at school I've been keen to help out at home with as much one on one time as possible. Now we have had the educational work books which are fantastic of course but you are stuck with the topics and activities that are already selected for you.  Which is why I have become a big fan of online pintables because it gives you control of exactly what you want to concentrate on and what you don't. There are an awful lot of sites that have them for free, I mean why pay when you can get something free right?

Likewise I have found a fair few sites that have a mixture of games, videos, apps, colouring in, arts and crafts projects, stories and pintables all free for different ages and abilities. Since I started helping more one on one at home I have seen a vast improvement in my child's confidence with learning.

Here's my list of site's I like to use for free educational resources, general fun, activates and games.

  • SPARKLE BOX- A site widely used by teachers. It's completely free and covers a wide range of educational subjects.

  • ICHILD-  Now with you do need to sign up for an account to use the resources but you can do this for free. There is also a paid for membership that runs alongside the free one but I found most the resources can be used for free. Activities run from 0-11 years and are not just educational and they have craft and characters too.

  • DISNEY PRINCESS-  If you have a Disney Princess fan then you should visit this site as they have a page for each princess! Once you have chosen you princess you will see free videos, stories, printable colouring and activity pages. I was logged in when I found this page so you may need to create an account.

  • DISNEY MARVEL KIDS - Another great free offering from Disney for little Marvel fans this time. Again simply choose your character and you can find free games, pintables and activities.

  • TOP MARKS- This site is another used widely by schools and has a fantastic range of kids online learning games with no need to download anything. They also have a parent resource section where you can find hint, tips and ideas to help your children at home.

  • THE KIDS PAGE- This site is absolutely jam packed full of kid friendly activities games and all sorts. Not just educational but lots of fun stuff too. You can easily let your child play on this site and let them get stuck in.
So that's it that's my little list of favourite free to use sites for kids educational and non educational activities, games and pintables. Thanks for reading and please subscribe to my mailing list if you want to keep up to date with my free children's ideas posts.

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