Sunday, 12 April 2015



How to go from Jeans to Shorts


Okay so a few days ago I realised one of my favourite pairs of jeans had torn at the knee devastation!! I really like the fit and they were really comfy and couldn't bare to throw them out so I had two choices patch the knee or make some shorts and since the weather has been amazing this last week I went with shorts. I'm going to show you exactly how easy it was to turn my jeans into shorts. 


You will need:
  • A pair of jeans
  • A piece of chalk / marker pen
  • Some scissors
  • Some hemming tape
  • An Iron

So firstly you'll need to put your jeans on and see roughly how short you'd like your shorts to be when your finished and then add on a couple of inches. Now mark it up with some chalk. Next up get cutting. I started off with scissors but wasn't getting anywhere fast so I switched to a Stanley knife and it was done really quick. At this point don't worry too much if it isn't perfectly straight you can sort this out in the next step.

Next step is to secure the hem. I used hemming tape but you can use a sewing machine or fabric glue also. I like the turn up look so that's what I done here. First just turn the edge up to straighten it up and secure it. It should just be a small fold. Place some tape under the fold and press down with the Iron for around 20 seconds.  Do this for the front and the back of the leg. Once that's done you can do a larger fold to get you turn up look. Repeat the steps with the hemming tape and Iron. Make sure your turn up is secured all the way around.
Repeat these steps for both legs and keep checking that both legs are looking the same otherwise you'll end up with one leg longer than the other or with one turn up wider than the other and that's not a good look. Tidy up any stay bits and hey presto you have a new pair of denim shorts.


Thanks for reading and hope this may help you or give you some inspiration.