Friday, 3 April 2015

BOOK REVIEW 'OUR THOUGHTS' John Smith is NOT Boring - CAP'N John The (Slightly) Fierce by Johnny Smith

We were recently offered to review CAP'N John The (Slightly) Fierce by Johnny Smith by We hadn't previously heard of the John Smith is NOT Boring collection so were excited to see what it was all about .

Firstly who is Johnny Smith?

Johnny Smith is a live action and animation screenwriter and is known for his Disney movie Gnomeo & Juliet however this is his debut as a children's author with the John Smith is NOT Boring series. You can read more about Johnny Smith and the books he has written on the lovereading4kids website here >>>>

The Blurb!!

John Smith may have the most boring name in the world, but his life is anything but dull!

Cap'n Black is on the loose. He's the meanest, grizzliest pirate that ever lived. There's only one person who can stand up to him. That's Cap'n John Smith, the fiercest pirate to sale the seven seas! (Sort of...)


Our thoughts on the book !!

Firstly the book has some fantastic illustrations and they really help with the story telling and imagination. The story is engaging and very funny. The book is aimed at ages 7+ which I think is about right. My daughter is 7 and she did need a fair amount of help due to the pirate slang/speak otherwise she managed it well.

Here's what she had to say about the book ....

Your short review was:
John Smith goes on an adventure after finding his granddads dressing up chest and he becomes a pirate. I liked this because the pirates are really funny!

Your full review was:
John Smith finds his granddads big wooden dressing up chest and magically turns into a real pirate. He thinks it's all part of his friend Hector's pirate party. He has an amazing adventure with his granddad. The pirates are really funny and the book has great pictures! I would read more books like this.

As you can see she did really enjoy the book. If we had to score the book out of 5 we would give it 4 out 5 and that's because at times she struggled with reading the pirate slang/speak. We would recommend this book and are looking forward to reading more from the series.


You can buy this book from Lovereading4kids for £3.74 which I think is a fab price, it's retail price is £4.99 .

Thank you to lovereading4kids for giving us the opportunity to review this book.

All opinions are our own. We were provided with a free copy of the book to review the book.