Friday, 10 April 2015

About Us The TwoPlusFourWalkers Family
Hello we are the TwoPlusFourWalkers family and as you can probably tell from our blog name we are the Walker family which there are two (adults) plus four (children) although some times it feels like much more children.
I am Hannah I'm 30 and I am a stay at home mum and now the writer behind the TwoPlusFourWalkers blog. I also double up as the cook, the cleaner, the nurse and the taxi driver. Richard is my husband 35 and the full time worker of our household he also is the DIY expert, gardener, the mechanic, the law enforcer and what ever other husband/daddy duties that need doing at the time.
And then there's the Walker brood. Eleesha our eldest daughter 9 years going on 19 years the super bookworm and artist in the making. Our second eldest Katelyn 7 years old and lover of all things girly and musical, a future pop star. Jayden-James our blue eyed boy who has the soul of an elderly man and over active imagination. Finally Aliva our baby girl at 17
months she keeps us super busy and completes our beautiful but mad bunch.

What we're all about?
We are all about all things family and family lifestyle. Were about adventures, fun, games, budgeting, arts and crafts and more. We like to try new things, we are all very opinionated and like to let people know about all the things we do and don't like. We like to share our news and learn new things, make new friends and read about other like minded people.
We are PR friendly and can you can find our contact information via the contact and PR tab at the top of our home page.
You can also contact us just because so please don't be shy say hi!