Friday, 13 March 2015


Hello and welcome every one to my personal blog which is just a general diary and a place to share things I have learned or found along the way. So as you can see from my bio I am a wife and a busy mum to four little one's under 10. I'm actually writing this post with my youngest Alivia who just turned 18 months this week climbing up and down on my lap. I also have three more Eleesha 9 and very importantly a half years old, Katelyn 7 years old and the boy Jayden-James 4 years old.

This year my mission is to find new ways of saving money, being healthier and just having as much happiness and fun as possible along the way. I'm already aware of many brilliant bloggers who are sharing their adventures along the way and so I thought this might be a great way of sharing my little adventures.

I hope to wright some reviews which we have been doing as a family for a while now. Mostly some book reviews, children's food and snacks and toy testing. I have never made these public so it's all new to be sharing them here. I also have a huge competitions addiction so will be sharing some of my favourites here too.  I'm also planning to be holding my own competitions from time to time so keep a look out for those!

Some other favourites of mine that I will be sharing including parenting tips and tricks, cooking, baking, reading, all things to do with recycling/ up cycling and general DIY. Couponing and saving money ideas.

Thank you for coming and reading and really hope you come back for more. I hope to keep this page up to date daily.  Please come and say hi, comment what ever you like.

Happy Friday
Hannah xx