Friday, 20 March 2015


In a previous post I shared some links and showed you how to go about getting some great samples or even freebies from companies promoting their products. Much of the time it's as simple as filling in a quick form usually consisting of you address and email. Others do request quite a lot more information such as children's date of births, household income or even where you shop. One or two may request you join up to mailing list or register with their website, but of course you just need to decide if it's worth it to you to sign up etc. and how much you want the sample.

PG TIPS SAMPLES - Recently I registered for a free sample of PG Tips Pure Green Tea on the 11th March and it arrived yesterday the 19th March. I've got to say that's kinda quick, well done!

So with the PG Tips samples you get to choose your preferred flavour. I chose green tea as that's currently my favourite. But you have the option of Juicy red berries fruit tea as well.

I tend to drink green tea any way nowadays as I find it more refreshing and it really helps with my digestion and low carb diet. I haven't actually tried the PG Tips green tea I tend to use a different brand but I must say I actually really enjoyed it and it's a little bit kinder on the pennies than my usual tea so that's a nice bonus.

What's really nice is they have included a 50p off coupon inside which can be used with any purchase of PG Tips Fruit, Herbal and Green teas! I'm definitely going to use my coupon for another box of Green tea. They do actually have quite a good range so I'll pop the link to their products here for you >>>
AND the sample request form here >>> I will also add this link to my list of family friendly freebies and be adding my reviews as and when my samples arrive.  So what are you waiting for??

 This sample review of PG Tips has no affiliation with PG Tips themselves and is completely all my own opinions. I received my sample by filling in the above sample request form.

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