Monday, 23 March 2015

The TwoPlusFourWalkers Video Review Of Bear Paws Fruit Snacks

I don't know about in your home but in ours we really struggle to find healthy snacks that all the children will like and actually eat. I say all because we have four children from an 18 month old right up to a 9 year old. With three school aged children it's important to get it right and balance the 'what they like', 'what they will actually eat' and the big one 'something that is good for them'. I have a mixture of two children who will eat absolutely anything put in front of them and two children who are really fussy and have limited amount of things they will eat.

Today on my visit to the supermarket I had my usual dilemma of what to buy, what to buy! I found a deal on for the Bear Paws snacks something we haven't tried before. In fact we haven't tried any of the Bear range until now. The deal was 4 individual bags for £2 which I thought was a fair price. They also have multipacks but didn't want to risk wasting them if they didn't go down to well with the kiddos.   

I thought to make it fun we would have a have a tasting session with a judging panel type score card for each different flavour. It was a great success!! My son didn't get involved as he's not feeling too well just now but the girls really went for it and we made this review video. I wanted to video their response because I find a lot of reviews can be more of the parents view and I just wanted it to be purely the child's point of view with as little adult input as possible. So here is what they had to say about Bear Paws Snacks. (Apologies for my tatty wall paper or lack of we are redecorating the dinning room).

As you can see from the video they really did like the snacks but their ultimate winner was the strawberry and apple which they both gave a whopping 10/10 score for. Baby Alivia was also very keen on this flavour, in fact she really enjoyed all the flavours. Second they chose the apple and blackcurrant and third place went to the orange and strawberry.

Am I happy? Yes of course! The kids are eating and actually enjoying the taste of the snacks and the  thing they don't realise is they have no added sugar, no concentrates, no preserves and it counts as 1 of they're 5 a day which makes me happy. When I asked them would they have these for snacks in their lunch box they said yes. Baby Aliva really enjoyed them too so all round it's a winner. So yes TwoPlusFourWalkers really like Bears Paws Fruit Snacks with the favourite being strawberry and apple and we will be buying them again.
Thanks for coming to read this review and please do watch the video as children's opinion are always honest.
I have paid for this product myself and have given 100% honest opinions with no partnership with brands mentioned.