Sunday, 29 March 2015


This week has been a fairly quiet week in the TwoPlusFourWalkers household. Baby Alivia (I say baby she's actually 18 months)  has been teething and been a bit under the weather so we've been home more than usual.

We did welcome a new member to our family this week, holder the bunny he's 7 weeks old and Lionhead rabbit and absolutely gorgeous. We really wanted to have a our first family pet but didn't feel ready for the responsibility of having a dog for example. The kids have bonded with holder already and have been helping clean out his hutch and make his meals. It's really nice to see the children interacting with an animal so nicely and hopefully will give us so more family bonding time. Holder has a run in the garden but we haven't had the weather to out him outside to explore it yet.

This week before the bad weather kicked in we had some time in the garden trying to tidy it up a bit. The winter had not been kind to our garden at all. Dad was off work so we all had a go at sweeping and weeding.

We also managed to get some really sweet hanging baskets to brighten up the front of the house which we got from B&Q at £5 each which we were really pleased with. Hopefully we will have some better weather this week ahead so we an finish getting the garden ready for the Easter Bunnies visit.

Another thing we've done this week is try out the Snappy Learner exercise work books. They come in a range of ages for example 5-6 years or 6-8 years. They also have a good subject range. We've tried out reading and writing, adding and subtraction and adding. Searching online and these books come in at around £2.50 each but I must admit I bought mine from my nearest pound shop so saving of £4.50 and I do love a bargain. The books were really easy to understand and come with well done stickers and a certificate at the end of each book. We also found a handwriting book from a different brand.

Amongst other things we have had a trip to the park , a sleep over, a trip to Cineworld to see the SpongeBob movie, a pizza hut and the school Easter competition. Here's a few pictures.  

We had a great week and we hope you did too. Were having a lazy day today. Let us know what you've been up to!!