Thursday, 26 March 2015


So having children and going on a big family day out does not come cheap! Which is fine once in a while. But what about all the those days off school that we need to fill with some sort of stimulation without too much expense? There's actually a lot more free things to do then you might think. Obvious choices are bike rides, parks, walks etc but where can we visit for free? Here's a little list I've been working on. Most depend on your locality and means of travel but have a little look because you may just find something or it might just give you a few ideas.

This is just a few of my favourites that stood out most when searching for free things to do in the UK. I know there are a lot of Museums on the list but they all or most have fantastic Easter activities on offer and throughout the year. TIP  Make a packed lunch or eat before you go because most of these places can be expensive for family meals. Make a decision about the gift shops before you get carried away, dodge them completely, make a budget for each child whatever just keep them in mind before hand.

Also make use of your local library because most libraries now have free story time sessions where the children can sit down and relax and be read to. And most cater for different age groups.

I hope there is something here for most but do try and internet search your local museum as chances are they will have activities for the kids. Possibly another place to look would be art galleries and your local shopping centre as they will often have some free entertainment/events during the holidays.