Tuesday, 31 March 2015


My kids love arts and crafts but with four of them materials don't always come cheap. So I've picked five of my favourite Amazon best bargains I could find to show you how to save money and still have a great time with all your messy arts and crafts materials without breaking the bank.

  •  Lollipop sticks are great for a multitude of crafts such as puppets, mini photo frames and making models. Here you can get 50 multi-coloured sticks for 89p and free delivery. I'm pretty impressed with this find.



  •  Pipe cleaners again one of my children's favourite craft supplies and at 100 for £1.16 and free delivery it's absolute bargain. I have seen these around the same price in a few place including the pound stores but never in this quantity. They should last a good while!


  • Pom-poms!! I really like pom-poms especially for toddlers and younger children. They love the way they feel, it really gets them chatting about all the different colours and sizes and they are super easy for little fingers to handle. I've found some a bargain £1.13 for 100 and again free delivery.


  • Googly eyes can bring a lot of laughter to your arts and crafts they're just so funny looking. Another 100 pack for 86p and free delivery this is fab value for money.


  • Paint palettes can come in pretty handy if like my little boy all the paint ends up getting mixed into a weird brownish colour! Although a really handy tip is to use an old egg cartoon for separating paints and it's obviously free or if you want the real deal you can bag this one for £1.57 with free delivery.                 


Thanks for taking a look at my favourite five, if you have any arts and crafts bargains please share them in the comments below I'd love to hear from you.

* This post contains affiliate links