Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Easter Bonnet Panic!

As Easter approaches it's not Easter eggs, the magical Easter bunny, Spring and the celebration of rebirth on my mind. No there's only one thing on my mind this time of year... Easter Bonnet Madness!!

I don't know about your child's school but at our school things have gotten, well a bit competitive to say the least. When my eldest daughter started school a straw hat and a few stuck on chicks and some flowers would suffice but not anymore. Mums and Dads will pull out all the stops to get first place in the schools annual Easter Bonnet parade. The hats and bigger, taller and more decorative. They always say the children should make their own but these hats are now having days if not weeks of planning and hours of craft, sweat and tears put into them.

Last year I decided I wasn't going to do the chicks stuck to a straw hat minimum mum hat , I was going to be the best mum ever and do papier-mâché home made hats.  Worst ever decision, ever, ever. I have three school aged children so that's three somewhat oddly shaped papier-mâché slop painted attempts at hats. Three somewhat embarrassed children and some awkward school photos.

Sooo this year I have decided to have a look and see what's going on in the world of Pinterest my go to place for inspiration. I have become a bit of a Pinterest addict since I discovered a few years back. I have compiled a board for ideas on Easter bonnet dilemma's and there's also some really lovely little art projects, games and baking with a Easter theme that great fun to do the kids.

Heres some of my favourites and a link to my Easter Pinterest board if you need some ideas.


I don't have a link for the makers of these beauties but can be found on my Pinterest link above.

Does your childrens school have a special Easter Bonnet day? Does it send you into a panic or are you a crafty mum?