Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Introducing the Shiatsu massager of my dreams

Introducing my new found love the cordless shiatsu massager from Sunlit Life. I'm forever moaning about my knots in my back and the desperation to have someone .... anyone to massage me. I can be massaged one day and boom the next they are back giving me grief. 

I've had this massager and a few other types in my wish list for a couple of months  but finally got my hands on one. 

I like that's this massager is very versatile, because whilst my main issues are in my neck and upper back this machine can actually be used in lots of different ways.

The massager has two arm straps to keep it in place and keep you hands free whilst you use it in neck/upper back position. I've used it in the leg position to massage my calf's after work. It has a handy heat mode which is a nice gentle warmth. It does take a little time for the warmth to build. Each cycle is around 15 minutes so once the machine reaches that time it switches off, but is easily switched back on with the buttons on the belt. I find the heat comes through by the second cycle. Its cordless so it can be used plugged into the mains or you can take it off to bed with you or wherever you want to go. It works just as well in cordless mode and seems to stay charged a reasonable amount of time.

This shiatsu massager has a strong deep kneading action and is excellent for aches, pains and relaxing. It's works wonders on tense muscles. It does have a humming sound but I have gotten used to it and no longer notice it. The main benefit for me is that I haven't had any of my usual tension headaches because I have been able work out the tension in my muscles before it gets to the point of triggering a headache. 

Have you used a Shiatsu massager or something similar? 

* I would like to point out that I recieved this product at a discounted price. All opinions and comments are my own and unbiased.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Matcha green smoothies

Green smoothies have become a thing for me in the last year or so particularly because I'm a person who struggles to eat enough fruit and veg through the day. To be honest with you I'm not really a fruit person. I'm a fruit person in training. That's why I find it so much easier to chuck it all the the blender and down the hatch. I try and pack my smoothies with lots of greens like spinach, kale and my new found love that is avocado. I was recently introduced to Matcha, yes way after the trend kicked off. Matcha is now a go to for my morning smoothie as it really compliments my green  smoothies perfectly. 


Matcha is a green tea powder that is rich in Antioxidants and high in L-Theanine which is said to provide a long lasting clean energy. 

The brand I have been using for a while now is 100% Pure Organic Matcha.  There are several ways to use your Matcha powder for example some people use it in their baking and this seems to a really popular choice. Others are drinking as latte or a cold ice tea type drink. I'm not overly keen on the taste of the powder on its own so I like to add mine to peppermint tea or my smoothies. Daily requirements for health benefits are between 1/2 and 1tsp. That's it!

Some of the health benefits that Matcha are said to be:

Enhanced focus and memory
Fat blocker and calorie burner 
Stimulation of metabolism 
Rich in Antioxidants 
High in L-Theanine 
Organic energy 

With living a hectic lifestyle juggling children, work and study I really do find myself with more energy when I have had Matcha during the day. I find myself more focused. My weight fluctuates a lot so I can't personally vouch for weight loss and calorie burning claims but that's not my reason for using it. I use it to just feel healthier and more energised. 


Handful of spinach 
240mls of water 
1/2 a mango 
1 orange 
1 banana 
1 tsp Matcha 

How do you take your Matcha? Share your tips with in the comments. 

* I would like to point out I was offered this product for review. All comments and opinions are my own and so is my lovely smoothie recipe. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016



Even with my income from working having four children and list of things that are either needed or just really really wanted I never seem to have enough money. I have tried a few times in the past to find a legitimate way to make a little extra cash to top up my wages and be able to afford a few extras. Along the way I have tried cash back sites, survey sites and many others which most don't pay very much and have a minimum cash out value. Making money this way would take a lot of man hours that I just don't have. I've tried selling my old stuff online with Ebay etc which definitely works if you put the effort in but there's only so much stuff you can sell before your house is starting to look.... well empty... right?!?
So I tried my search again and found a new way to make a little extra money selling cosmetics from a not so well known company in my neck of the woods. At first I was happy to try it because there was no up front fees but remaining quite sceptical that I would be able to make a reasonable amount of money to make it worthwhile.  After all I wasn't spending any money so what did I have to loose?

Sign up was extremely easy and took minutes and had no fussy in-depth questions to answer. On offer was a chance to order cosmetics from a catalogue I can only describe as quite similar to Avon. The catalogue was really easy to navigate and the prices were impressive along with gorgeous looking products. How have I not seem this before?   The promise was not to make hundreds of pounds a week, be able to afford luxury holidays and cars but to make a reasonable amount of extra based on your order values.
With my first order I earned 35% and I also earned some free products for my self. The support from my sponsors and the company have been fantastic and surprisingly easy to get the hang of the site, catalogue and ordering methods. I had no obligation to order once I signed up, I didn't have to pay for anything until I decided to make an order. I wasn't spammed, had no annoying phone calls and I was treated personally.

You too can sign up and start making your self a little extra money or just create an account to buy for yourself only. You can register your interest below or contact me directly via email and I'll help you register or answer any questions.

Friday, 4 March 2016



On the lookout for some handy baby freebies, samples or coupons? I've found some pretty awesome goodies that you can get for FREE!! I've tried a few of these recently and received some brilliant samples of which some included money off coupons. These links have all been checked and are all currently active.

Image from Photobucket



Pull up nappy samples - Includes coupons and stickers  
Free weaning spoons from Bebvita - Mine arrived super quick
Greenty Anti Allery Nappy sample -  Choose you size
Free Dry Nites Sample - Includes  money off coupon



Bounty Mum to Be and more packs - 4 packs in total, includes samples &coupons
Lansinoh samples & coupons -  Also get offers & competitions
Boots parenting club coupons - I have saved a small fortune using these coupons. I have also had some lovely freebies including photo books. I love my boots points!
Caring Every Day - Free printable money off coupons

Saturday, 2 January 2016



 Firstly a big Happy new year to you all and we wish all the very best for 2016. We're celebrating by hosting our first giveaway of the year. We have a Hello Kitty Memory card game to give away to one lucky winner. All you have to do is simply comment on this blog post with who you would like to win this game for and also comment who yours or their favourite children's character.


The giveaway will be open from the 2/1/2016 -  midnight 30/1/2016.
Entries are open to all EU residents.
There will only be one winner.
Prize can't be exchanged.
Good luck and all the very best for 2016. XxX

Sunday, 27 December 2015


My Sunday Photo 27/12/15

So you may have noticed I haven't been around as much lately due to personal reasons. I haven't posted a Sunday photo in around 3 months now but wanted to get my last Sunday photo of 2015 out there and shared with you guys. So here it is ..... Christmas eve excited in the Walker household!
Thanks for stopping by x


Saturday, 19 December 2015


10 Awesome Fun family things to do on Christmas eve!!


Image from Photobucket
Christmas eve and the excitement is building and the kids are buzzing with energy. Here's a few of the things we like to do on Christmas eve to keep the kids entertained and generally make the most of having some family time together.
1. Every Christmas eve my children get to open one present from under the tree from mum and dad. Brand new pyjamas. It something we've always done and we all really look forward to this part of the night.
2. Go join in with a family chistingle  mass or nativity show some where local. This is something we only started doing a couple of years ago. It turned out to be really good fun and they tend to hold an earlier mass for families with small children and then a later one for the grown ups so you don't need to worry about the kids being fidget bums.
3. Make some reindeer food. This year we were actually given some when visiting Santa and sometimes the kids make it at school. You can use any ingredients like oats, glitter, raisins, choc chips, cereal. The kids will go outside and sprinkle it around the garden or the drive so the reindeer have something tasty to eat. You could even keep it in a little bowl.
4. Christmas eve Christmas movie marathon!! Our favourites are the Grinch elf. Pick a few of your families favourite Christmas movies and just relax and watch them in your new jammies!
4. The Christmas eve box has really taken off in recent years. You can make one so easily and you really don't need t spend a lot of money doing it. An old shoe box or medium sized box wrapped up in Christmas paper and then fill it with some goodies. We put in Christmas colouring in books, colours, a dvd, some snacks, maybe a Christmas craft activity.
5. Take the kiddos for a drive or a walk to look out for all the houses decorated with lights. Some people put in an insane amount of effort and the kids just love it.  The walk might even tire them out a bit :P

6. Watch Santa fly past! Santa will be visible (weather depending) in the sky heading west to east between 4.40pm and 4.50pm. Keep an eye out!

7. Make some home made decorations. Find lot's of inspiration on pinterest.

8. Hang up your Christmas stocking this part is sooo exciting.

9. Leave out some yummy snacks for Santa and the reindeer, maybe a little tipple to warm Santa up on his ling journey?

10. Cosy up into bed and read a Christmas story.